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Set Good Boundaries: Where You Stop, And I Begin

Set Good Boundaries: Where You Stop, And I Begin by Zera Young

Setting healthy boundaries can be a real challenge, especially if you find yourself in codependent dynamics. If you often prioritize others’ needs over your own, Set Good Boundaries is your go-to manual. It equips you with essential skills to define boundaries within your current relationships and kick-start new connections on the right foot.

Through carefully crafted exercises, you’ll connect with your core needs and develop the natural ability to set boundaries without undue effort. You might be surprised to discover that you possess the power to enrich every relationship in your life. With insights from Self-Love, Shadow Work, and Assertiveness Training, this book empowers you to harness and apply that potential.

Master the art of confidently and assertively communicating your needs. This book caters to anyone aiming to improve relationships, break free from people-pleasing tendencies, and find lasting inner peace. Whether you’re dealing with an overbearing parent, a pushy friend, or someone displaying narcissistic traits, this book equips you to understand and address the core reasons behind boundary challenges.
In this book you’ll explore:
✅Discover why it’s so difficult to set boundaries in the first place
✅ Set boundaries with overbearing family, friends, and even your boss (without feeling guilty)
✅Discover the power of vulnerability and how to use it in your favor
✅Expose where boundaries are lacking, even if you weren’t aware they were needed
✅Learn simple conversation starters that guarantee you maintain control in tough conversations
✅Deconstruct the lie of selfishness
✅How to handle a toxic relationship or a person who invalidates your emotions (for example, gaslighting, manipulation, or narcissism)
✅ Proven tips for saying “no” and making it stick
✅Step-by-step strategies that train you to assert yourself with confidence
✅How to break away from people-pleasing habits and prioritize your needs – without fracturing healthy relationships
✅And so much more!
Even if you’re always prioritizing others, steering clear of conflicts, or feeling unsure about where to begin, this book is your solution. It offers a comprehensive insight into the boundaries necessary for your well-being.

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