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The Neville Collection

The Neville Collection: All 10 Books by a Modern Master
by Neville Goddard

A carefully and beautifully produced paperback edition of all 10 books by Neville Goddard, the master of manifestation.

Neville was an actor and dancer from Barbados who became a philosopher, mystic, and lecturer on the Law of Attraction. He developed a powerful method of manifesting based on experiencing “the feeling of the wish fulfilled,” which deeply influenced the next generation of metaphysical explorers. Wayne Dyer’s book Wishes Fulfilled was based on Neville’s method.

This collection includes, in chronological order:

At Your Command
Your Faith Is Your Fortune
Freedom for All
Feeling Is the Secret
Prayer: The Art of Believing
Out of this World & The Search
The Power of Awareness
Awakened Imagination
Seedtime and Harvest
The Law and the Promise

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