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Creative Thinking Goes Way Beyond Just Reframing

Creative thinking is often brought up when discussing problem-solving methods, roles within a team, and decision-making processes.

And yet... I must say again, it is not always given the attention it deserves. Most individuals reduce it to the act of reframing, which involves looking at a situation from different angles to find new solutions - and anyone that knows me or reads my writing knows how much I LOVE a good reframe.

But creative thinking goes beyond this single act and can unlock unlimited potential in multiple aspects of our daily lives. Let's take a top-level look into how creative thinking, beyond reframing, influences innovation, enhances leadership, promotes personal development, and expands opportunities.


Creative thinking is a necessary ingredient in innovation. It is not enough to just reframe a problem; innovative solutions come from generating novel ideas. Creative thinking allows us to create something that didn't exist before by thinking beyond what we already know. It requires thinking outside the box, seeing things in a different light, and taking risks. Without creative thinking, innovation is impossible.


Creative leaders are crucial in moving organizations forward. A good leader not only reframes problems but can create a culture of creativity that encourages team members to think outside the box and take risks. A creative leader creates a space for experimentation, agrees to change, and supports their team members through the failure. They provide the team with tools and techniques to think differently and have a broad perspective on problems and solutions.

Personal Development

Creative thinking is also key to personal development. It allows individuals to explore their passions and interests, see beyond the expectations of others, to pursue their own path. Creative thinking creates confidence in our choices and enables us to develop our abilities in different areas. It is important in cultivating our curiosities and discovering our passions, leading to a fulfilling life.

Expanding Opportunities

Creative thinking enables individuals to see beyond what is currently possible and to create opportunities that did not exist before. It helps individuals approach challenges with a growth mindset, seeing challenges as opportunities for learning and new possibilities. Creative thinkers envision possibilities that others may not see, thereby creating new and better opportunities for themselves and others.


While reframing is a problem-solving technique, creative thinking provides a set of tools to supplement it. It enables individuals to think abstractly, to explore different ideas and perspectives, and to consider a range of solutions. It allows individuals to think critically and evaluate different solutions effectively. Creative thinking is not only about solving problems but also about improvising when new information arises.

And there it is! Creative thinking is way more than reframing; it influences innovation, enhances leadership, promotes personal development, expands opportunities, and supplements problem-solving. Developing and nurturing creative thinking is an ongoing process that requires consistent practice and patience. It requires dismissing self-limiting beliefs and embracing a growth mindset. Through creative thinking, we not only improve our decision-making, but we create new possibilities and opportunities for ourselves and others. So next time, when we think about creative thinking, let's give it the importance it deserves!

Let us know if you want to learn more about reframing, creative thinking or anything else!



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