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Tabatha Coffey
Co-founder, ThriveHive.Co

Master NLP Practitioner
Certified Somatic Coach
Certified Hypnotherapist

2x New York Times Bestselling Author (Own It!, It's Not Really About the Hair)

TV Host (Tabatha Takes Over, Relative Success, The Talk, Rachel Ray)

Creator, B.I.T.C.H. Camp by Tabatha Coffey

Host, CreativeThrive Podcast (Launching Late Feb 2024)

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About Me

Raised in Australia, and entering the beauty industry at the age of 14, I made my way to London, before heading to New York, eventually owning a successful salon in New Jersey.


On a whim, I joined a TV competition called Shear Genius and, a year later, was hosting my own hit show on Bravo. I've hosted award show red carpets, guest-hosted talk shows (The Talk, Rachel Ray), written books, gave a Ted Talk ("Why you need to be a B.I.T.C.H.") that appears on several best-of lists, and created the empowerment class B.I.T.C.H. Camp by Tabatha Coffey. And now, I'm proud to be the co-founder of this online community platform - a combination of long-held dreams by myself and my business partner (and friend), Ty Jennings. 

Why is this important? Because I am passionate about women (and men) living their lives passionately, authentically, honestly, and successfully.

I believe we all need to celebrate and embrace our uniqueness and share our gifts with the world. I am a defender and speaker of the truth and want to help women find and use their voices to speak theirs. 

I know what it feels like to be an outsider, and judged or ridiculed for being me. I have felt like I wasn't good enough or valuable enough and know that it is entirely untrue and want others to know the same. 


And I'm grateful to have the platform and opportunity to help guide people forward toward their true, authentic, and aligned selves. Let's thrive, together.


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