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Ty Jennings
Co-founder, ThriveHive.Co

Certified NLP Practitioner/Coach

Accountability Expert/Mentor
Certified Group Learning Designer

Essayist/Writer/2x Author (One Week Africa, Messages From The March)

Co-Producer, B.I.T.C.H. Camp by Tabatha Coffey

Host/Producer, Random Rabbit Holes Podcast

Producer, CreativeThrive Podcast (Launching Late Feb 2024)

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About Me

SF Bay Area-raised, 25 years in NYC, now living in LA - a huge change that's only furthered my quest for a broader perspective.


My background as a Creative Director/Content Creator/Producer for events (L'Oreal, Chanel, Reebok, Gwen Stefani, NY Times, Yahoo!, NY Fashion Week, etc)  led to my passion for crafting engaging experiences from education to fashion, journalism to personal discovery. 


I'm known for being able to go 30K feet up and see situations from a bigger point of view, and making sure perspectives are broad and inclusive: I believe representation matters and people are inherently good. I can be dogged in my pursuit of truth and occasionally rigid in my expectation of good (conscious) intentions - which makes me an excellent Mentor for self-awareness and accountability!

15 years ago, I had a vision of a website that might be a resource for people who (like me at the time) were looking for information, answers, instruction, and tools to elevate and empower their sense of self. Then I met my friend and business partner, Tabatha Coffey, who had her own visions of how to reach people and connect them - one day we realized we were finishing each other's sentences on these topics and the seed was planted. Teaming up with her, ThriveHive was never an if but a when...

Tabatha is witty, honest, wildly intuitive, deeply empathetic and (don't tell her I shared this) f---ing hilarious! 


Me? I'm occasionally snarky, always hopeful, deeply sensitive, often late, and boldly optimistic - I think conversations are the key to finding our commonalities and building mutual respect - and that's the only way we're going to evolve FORWARD and not just survive, but THRIVE!

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Schedule permitting, I may be accepting new clients for Coaching/Mentoring - click the button below for more information.

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